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Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath

Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

CYOAKHA GRACE O'MANION, composer of the soundtrack for the animated H.P. LOVECRAFT movie, DREAM QUEST OF THE UNKNOWN KADATH, announces that the CD, UNKNOWN MUSIC FROM DREAM QUEST FOR KADATH is now available on CD Baby. CYO, lead singer-songwriter-producer for the beautiful world-trance band LAND OF THE BLIND, took over a year to complete the amazing soundtrack and CD. The director of the movie fell in love with the music of BLIND and asked her to create the entire soundtrack, (at that time they both thought it was to be a 30 minute short). It ended up being a 96 minute feature film, which debuted at the national LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL, to rave reviews and Cyoakha's haunting music is all the way through the film, setting the mood of Lovecraft's 'dreamtime'. The director's only request was that the 'music sound as if it's from another world'. 'So there I was', laughs Grace, '96 minutes to create and not one sound should sound normal in any way. And you can't cheat and go the 2001 direction, like most sci-fi soundtracks, all avant progressive keyboards, because the novel is set in the 30s!. So I warped sounds, ran things backwards, did everything creative and bizarre I could think of. The result is this CD, UKNOWN MUSIC, 19 tracks of avant, dark, haunting, scary, dreamy, nightmarish and otherworldly music. For those filmgoers that loved the soundtrack, each of the snippets of sounds heard in the movie are actually full length works and all are included in this soundtrack. Many of San Francisco's best world musicians also added their talents to this stellar CD. For Lovers of avant music, progressive music, beautiful female vocals, dark-goth and all Lovecraft fans. QUOTES ...And speaking of appropriate, the lush, mesmerizing soundtrack by Cyoakha Grace O'Manion of the band Land of the Blind perfectly complements Thompson's remarkable dreamscapes. Even when the primitive animation was at it's most stilted, the music swept me along through the story.' -- Dan Davenport, RPGnet Review '...One of the qualities of great art is that it continues to reveal itself in subsequent viewings, that it is so rich and packed with ideas that it can't be consumed in a single sitting...The music is so good that it may even obscure some of the dialog now and then...' -- Gavin Smith, 'This is the most unusual production of an HP Lovecraft story I have ever seen, that's a good thing.... It also has wonderful music' Eric Morgret, Seattle, Washington 'The soundtrack was inspired as well.' D. Koch, OR IMDB, Movie Date Base 'The film's first big asset is Thompson's art - imaginative, fantastic, and ambitious... The second major asset is it's gorgeous, haunting score, provided by underground musician Cyoakha Grace O'Manion, with some help from her band Land of the Blind. It is great music in it's own right, but it complements the visuals perfectly, and gives the whole film a sense of dream awe and dread'. James Dominguez, Melbourne, Australia Cyoakha invites you to listen to LAND OF THE BLIND's two award-winning CD's, ORDINARY MAGIC and OUT OF CHAOS also on CDBABY!


Artist: Cyoakha Grace O'Manion
Title: Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath
Genre: Electronic
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 25/01/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479144660