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Just As I Am

Just As I Am

  • By Colleen Muriel
  • Release 21/11/2006
  • Media Format CD
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Education and Performances Flautist and composer Colleen Muriel, A.R.C.T., Bachelor of Music, F.T.C.L., (F.R.S.M. - near completion) has been performing in public for over three decades . She directed her own concert series at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, B.C. (2001-2006), and is the founder and leader of the CCD Trio/Chamber Ensemble. Colleen has studied and performed in Great Britain, Canada and the United States; has been broadcast in Canada on, CITR FM, and CBC Radio, and Brooklands FM in the UK. In July 2005 she performed Le Merle Noir by Messiaen and Kurt Weill's violin concerto No. 12. at the Aberystwyth music festival in Wales. Currently she is completing a Master's Degree in Music in London, England and is becoming a Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music. She is also a member of the National Flute Association, British Flute Society, Women in Music U.K. and the Canadian League of Composers. She plays in her own concert series at St. John's Waterloo as well as performing in other concerts at various London City Churches. These concerts include a wide range of musical styles and include pieces such as Concierto Pastoral by Joaquin Rodrigo, Sonatine by Pierre Boulez, and Sonatas by Rene Leibowitz and Francois Poulenc. Colleen has also given (January 25, 2008) the London premiere performance of Canadian composer Mark Armanini's piece for flute and piano 'Nocturnal Spirits', written for and dedicated to her. She gave a second performance of this work at the St. Lawrence Jewry Festival (August, 2008) and will be recording it in the near future, as well as premiering the flute and string orchestra version of the work. Compositions Colleen is currently the composer in residence at the Suzanna Raymond School of Dance, Teddington, England. Commissions include: Our Father in Heaven (SATB) and The Angels Come Again (SATB) commissioned by Deryk Forster for the Music Department of Magee Secondary School. Our Father in Heaven was premiered by the Senior Chamber Choir of Magee Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada in June, 1999. Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming (flute and mezzo soprano) commissioned by Mary Wilson for the Women's Relief Society, and premiered December 2, 2008 in Ashville, North Carolina, USA Visions of Narnia (music for a ballet choreography), commissioned by the Suzanna Raymond School of Dance, scheduled to be premiered in May 2009, in London, England. This piece is dedicated with appreciation to Mr. Yueh Ding. Afternoon Reflection and Joy (for two flutes), commissioned by Supriti Bharma and Kate Carr, scheduled to be premiered in December, 2009, in Vancouver, Canada Some of Colleen's compositions, Fantasia and Ricercare for organ, Transformed (soprano/piano), Vancouver Rain, Rainfall,and Fugues 1 and 2 for piano have been performed at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, the Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver, the University of Wales, Aberystwyth campus,St. John's Waterloo, and All Hallows by The Tower. In March, 2006 'Vancouver Rain' for solo piano was performed at the Sonic Boom Festival in Vancouver, and at the University of British Columbia by the outstanding pianist Rachel Iwaasa and by British pianist Graeme Thewlis at St. John's Waterloo and All Hallows by the Tower (of London). Her chant styled rendition of 'Our Father in Heaven'(voice and piano), and new arrangements for voice and flute of 'The Snowy Breasted Pearl' and 'Down by the Salley Garden's' have been recently performed by baritone Keith Long at All Hallows by the Tower, London. Her newest pieces "Evening Pleasures" for solo flute have been performed on June 20, 2008 and February 13, 2009 (St. John's Waterloo), and on June 28, 2008 (St. Peter's West Molesey). The June 20th program included the London premiere of two a cappella flute works 'Peace,' and 'The Prayer of Mary Stuart'. 'War and Heartbreak', a musical drama for piano with flute has just been premiered in London at St. John's Waterloo on August 29, 2008 and on September 17, 2008 Keith Long gave the London premiere performance of 'Nahe Des Geliebton'. Keith has also recorded some of Colleen's vocal music including an a cappella vocal work called Holy, Holy, Holy which is dedicated with appreciation to Yueh Ding. Publishing El Flauto Records is releasing in 2009 4 books of music. They are as follows Songs for Magic Flutes, Violins and Recorders - first edition (1993 - Elflauto M3). Some well known hymns and some new tunes for a flute group of between 2 - 4 players, arranged and composed by Colleen Muriel Songs for Magic Flutes, Violins and Recorders - second edition (2009 - Elflauto M4). A re-release of the first edition of this book. New Music for Piano and Organ by Colleen Muriel (2009 - Elflauto M2) Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Church Music for Congregational Singing, Choir, Organ/Piano by Colleen Muriel (2009 - Elflauto M1) Recordings Colleen's independent recording label Elflauto Records has three CDs (Just As I Am, A cappella, London in the Afternoon), and a DVD (Fantasia and Ricercare). If you would like to purchase a copy of these recordings, which are in the National Library of Canada, please just email Colleen at These recordings are also available at CD Baby,, and in the A Cappella section at IndieRhythm. Just As I Am [ELFLAUTO1] is filled with well known hymns performed live on solo flute at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, Canada, A cappella [ELFLAUTO2] by constrast is a studio based CD featuring some new music and some Christmas favourites performed by flute choir. London in the Afternoon [ELFLAUTO4] is again different and unique. It is filled with jazz arrangements for flute and piano of well known tunes such as Edelweiss, When I Grow Too Old to Dream and many others (Gareth George - piano, Colleen Muriel- flute). Fantasia and Ricercare [ELFLAUTO3] was recorded on DVD at the St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church of Bromley, Kent (England) by Dr. Wilbur Hughes (September 30, 2006). Dr. Hughes also performed this piece at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney Australia in August 6, 2004 and again on August 25, 2006. New CD's being released in 2009 include 'Welcoming the Christ Child' [ELFLAUTO6] a recording of a live a cappella flute performance given on December 27, 2008 at Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver, B.C., and Just As We Were [ELFLAUTO5], another live recording this time of flute and piano music, recorded at St. John's Waterloo on August 29, 2008. This CD features Fantasie Opus 79 by Gabriel Faure, Le Merle Noir by Messiaen, Meditation by Jules Massenet, War and Heartbreak by Colleen Muriel, and Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck. The third CD being released in 2009 will be Rainfall and Moonlight [ELFLAUTO7], featuring Graeme Thewlis (piano). This CD is being recorded at Bonafide Studios, London on February 23, 2009. Included on this CD will be Fugues 1 and 2, Simons Theme, Rainfall and Vancouver Rain all composed by Colleen as well as the Canadian carol, Twas In the Moon of Wintertime and Panis Angelicus, arranged and performed on a cappella flute by Colleen . On November 5, 2008, Colleen performed and recorded Cantata 'Awake' for solo flute by Wilbur Hughes and Evening Pleasures, also for solo flute by Colleen Muriel at St. Peter's Church, in West Molesey, England. If you would like to purchase a copy of any of the above CD's or books, or if you would like a commission a piece of music or enquire about a possible performance, please email me at Colleen's Philosophy of Music Colleen feels that music has healing power....power beyond words in that it helps to express emotions that words fail to express. Music tells stories literally or metaphorically of our individual and collective journey through life. The flute especially, has a melancholy quality that expresses the moods of this age in which we live. Unlike many classically trained musicians, Colleen is also folk/jazz influenced. You can hear this influence when listening to some of my arrangements for flute. The healing of the all creation is desperately needed right now and she believes this healing can be greatly aided by the power of music. Colleen's music is frequently (but not always), reflective and meditative. She believes that music, especially flute music uplifts the soul.


Title: Just As I Am
Release Date: 21/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479437557
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