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These Bones

These Bones

  • By Cicada Omega
  • Release 10/06/2008
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Cicada Omega is a southern original. The music is a continuation of blues, country, gospel, R&B and rock traditions. It is an other-wordly blend of pounding rhythm, southern evangelism and electrified junk. With two drummers, a home-made upright bass, and electric guitar, mixed with the chants, screams, and preaching of a snake-handling front man, their music takes traditional music, puts it in a blender, and turns it up to the breaking point. They have been described as \'southern goth\' or \'gospel punk,\' but they defy categories by reinventing musical traditions rather than simply following them. It is the music of four Kentuckians who write songs that get you moving while telling you stories about lost souls, indians, aliens, sex, the Devil, and the mysterious, strange south. It is juke-joint music deeply rooted in blues and gospel, but also takes off into other realms. If asked for influences you would find not only John Lee Hooker, the Staples Singers, and Dr. John, but also Black Sabbath, Prince, and Hank Williams. The group is fronted by preacher-guitarist sooth-sayer and harmonica man Reverend B.D. Winfield. With a wide vocal range and sometimes rage in his tone, he acts as a catalyst much like an auctioneer selling soul. The drums are split and doubled. Dave Rue plays a traditional kit that keeps everything in line. And Salim Sundiata Sanchez mixes it up with latin percussion and found objects. The two combine to work like a voodoo machine producing hypnotic rhythms with endless energy and style. The bass is played by Daniyel Hicks. Well, that is, if you can call it a \'bass.\' He plays an electrified suitcase upright bass. (You just have to see it to believe it.) He likes loud, dirty low tones that carry a solid rhythm in between everything. The vocals are split between Sanchez, Hicks, and Winfield, with the Reverend taking lead. It often comes down to call and response type vocals with stomping and yelling, each member displaying his own style. The name comes from the insect cicada. The cicada is a loud, flying insect that lives in the south. It is a cousin to the locust mentioned in Revelations. Cicada Omega stands for that last plague. They\'re sort of the unruly ones bringing up the rear. So come prepared to shake, holler, laugh and be intoxicated, for they, \'are Cicada Omega and they bring new age, old age, space age transcendental junkyard blues form the dark and bloody ground of Kentucky.\'


Artist: Cicada Omega
Title: These Bones
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 10/06/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 796873074926