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MF Radio

MF Radio

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Chulius & the Filarmonicos Julio Briceño launches a new project called Chulius & the Filarmonicos. For this musical project - that took two relaxed years to complete between New York, Ireland, London and Caracas and which saw the light thanks to Gozadera Records - Julio not only is the singer but also plays the guitar, keyboards and bass, as well as working on the musical programming for the recording. With a total of 12 songs, all of them in English, this album is composed and produced by Julio Briceño himself, who knew how to break away from his role as vocalist in Los Amigos Invisibles*, in order to develop another side of his musical influences. "I love what we do as Los Amigos Invisibles. But nowadays, as an artist, it is possible to develop different projects at the same time, and this possibility gives fresh air to our ideas", Julio says. The first single off this album is called "Shine", a song that recaptures British style guitars mixed in a warm sense of adventure, accompanied by a memorable chorus and with the collaboration of Javier Weyler (Stereophonics) who was invited to play the drums. "It sounds like a road trip with your partner to any place on a very sunny day. It doesn't matter what car you have, you'll feel as if you were on a magic carpet." This album is in part influenced by the new romantic or new wave musical tendencies, which were movements from the beginning of the 80s that in turn created dance music. "Today, it is difficult to be defined as a musician. We are motivated by different kinds of music and we have the Internet as well. But I think you can find my album in the pop rock section of music stores (which unfortunately are about to disappear)", Briceño reflects. Guided by human introspection and a dark sound present in this album, this musical release leads through unconscious gothic paths. "Well, I listen to a lot of musical styles and have been influenced by them", Julio says. "Bizarre and dark songs have always attracted me and I was able to experiment with them in this album. But there are also funky rhythms in Chulius." Julio met with friends and colleagues, integrating his ideas, outlining his musical interests and prodding during his lonely path towards creativity. "This album is a consequence of experimenting with the ideas I had in my mind. After a while, I decided to put all these concepts on a record. A set of chords, the results of experimenting with rhythm boxes during my spare time at home, phrases that I came up with or read in any place and that I found interesting to sing to. Using my voice as another musical instrument and not as the main character", Julio explains. So as not to forget the sense of brotherhood among his friends from Los Amigos Invisibles, each one of them participated in the project. Not even the band's sound engineers escaped: Erik Aldrey and Eduardo Larez contributed with their talent to mixing the album. Javier Weyler, Xaxier Lozada, some of his childhood friends such as Juan Pablo Gomez and Carlos Lowestein (director of the videos Playa Azul and Yo no se from Los Amigos Invisibles), together with the help of the brass section from Fauna Crepuscular*, as well as Rafael Cadavieco, Ivan Loscher, were part of this album.


Artist: Chulius & the Filarmonicos
Title: MF Radio
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 29/05/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 689076654562