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  • By Chigger
  • Release 25/05/2004
  • Music Genre Alternative Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Alex Steininger/In Music We Trust says: Sweet, tingling indie pop, Chigger's five-song debut is an explosive, yet contained, exploration of feelings through indie rock that can be poppy, mellow, or very bouncy and fun. 'I Said I Said I Said' is relaxed, laid back, and catchy. The soft female vocals accompany the delicate music perfectly, as they bounce around and catch you on a hook. 'Sliding West' is the same way, though this time the guitars get a bit fuzzier and try to turn things up a notch. Then there is the album closure, 'Noni,' a bouncy song that you'll find yourself clapping your hands along with or just sitting there smiling and singing along. Bliss/Aquamarine says: CHIGGER Trampoline CD (Satellite) 5 songs from Chigger, who play an unusual, off-centre brand of indiepop. As well as the usual guitars and drums, they play instruments such as squeezebox, violin, glockenspiel and harmonica. Across this CD you'll find discordant noisy bits and quirky changey bits lurching all over the place, which are a total contrast to the songs themselves which are basically pop. A bizarre combination of sounds that shouldn't really work, but it does. Like Red Rum reviewed above, this is not music for the musically unadventurous, but if you like bands who are unafraid to try out new ideas, you could do worse than give this band a listen. Angelfire says: This sounds like a slowed down version of Letters to Cleo. If you dig the 'chick rock' thing and you go to college and are into experimenting with other girls, you may want to try and get them to make out with you to this EP. Odd Indie guitar pop with glockenspiel,squeeze box, violin thrown into an otherwise familiar guitar, bass, drums line up. Italia's voice and J.P. Cobb's guitar create some interesting tension. Italia's voice has a little Alanis meets Jewel influence but like the rest of the band, she also has her own unique style shining through. They say they have no idea of how to explain themselves. Others have used the words dreamy, poppy, schizophrenic and intense to describe their music. They do know though, that no matter what they say about their music, people are going to come to their own conclusions about what they sound like and who they are. The band came out of a conceptual idea more than it did out of boredom. All of the band members grew up in different parts of the country, but shared a similar love for music. Back in 1998, the members decided that it was time to start putting the songs together and get this band rolling. Chigger wanted to write songs that were honest, interesting, fun and a little different. They've always tried to hold fast to these ideals. It doesn't matter if it's the graceful and heartfelt 'I Said I Said I Said' or the rockin 'Sliding West' or better still, the sing along pop of 'Noni', we know you are going to love this record. File under: Twisted Pop Steve plays bass, the squeeze box and sings Raised in Southern California Turn Ons: Brownies Turn Offs: Burnt brownies & brownies with no milk Phil plays guitar, sings, plays the keyboard and likes to use a slide Raised in the heart land Turn Ons: Roller skating Turn Offs: Dairy and Steve's relentless brownie babble Italia sings her little heart out, plays the glockenspiel and percussion Raised in sin city Turn Ons: Bottled water Turn Offs: Tap water, hair extensions and filth John Nyboer plays drums on the CD.


Artist: Chigger
Title: Trampoline
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 25/05/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 784587002625