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Easy Come & Easy Go

Easy Come & Easy Go

  • By Chance Gardner
  • Release 17/01/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

There's only one Blues song on this CD. Overall it sounds more like Bob Dylan meets Muddy Waters and hangs out with Ry Cooder. 'Moody, insightful wisdom with a bit of jaded love thrown in. A good listen is advised ...' -Rafael Jones, Island Star. Modern folk because it's acoustic and deals with everyday pain,joy and local politics. Original songs by award winning rock/blues artist Chance Gardner. Chance's Voice and Acoustic Guitar (Fingerstyle and Slide) are backed by Mandolin, Harmonica, Banjo (Steve Sargenti), Accordion (Dave Hissey), Bass (Paddy-O)and Drums (Jose Ortiz, Sr). Produced by Patrick McDonald (The Knitters, This is Spinal Tap,...). 'We used all organic instruments, even the slide guitar stuff was recorded on acoustic with a microphone. The only electric guitar used was one track on 'Rescue Me'. No drum machines or synthesizers here!!!' Chance says 'I've never heard a drum machine play with feeling, and isn't that what music is all about?...communicating feelings?'. Songs about Love, the Devil, Disaster and a boy named Jestus. Songs from real life include: What you shouldn't read (Dear Diary), payola in community cable (Schoolbully Blues),over-development of Maui by greedy developers (There's No More Room), dating ads (Box-U-112),the ups and downs (Time to Start it Again) and hurricane Katrina's survivors (Rescue Me/Plenty of Water). Born on an Island and raised in the Great American South, Chance's musical influences ranged from hiding behind the local Southern Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama to hear the music to AM radio's country and sometimes blues shows at night and rock music by day. 'Chance started playing music at about fifteen. 'I had a knack for it, and within a year I was playing better than a lotta kids who had been playing four or five years. I began playing all fingerstyle and stuff, I didn't find my blues mentors until later in life, the influences were there but it was also the setting. There was a lot of Rock and Roll happening. I was stuck between Jimi Hendrix and Paul Simon. I liked them both. I liked the power of Jimi and the songwriting of Paul Simon because he could tell a story. I think it's really important for music to tell a story...with a beginning, a middle and an end...and, like Aesop's Fables has a moral, you learn something. A song that endlessly says 'kiss my bootie' is not going to teach you anything. Your hips might like it, but it's not going to do much for you. But songs that tell about things that happened in your life, or other people's lives, like that great song 'Bojangles' . It's a novel in a song. And that's what I like about songwriting, the possibility of enriching someone's life.' -Roger Clay, Maui Entertainment Guide Check the tour schedule at


Artist: Chance Gardner
Title: Easy Come & Easy Go
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 17/01/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479206467