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Product Notes

We had such a lot of fun writing these songs - In the jungle - we just had to have some real animals roaring and growling, but we also wanted to give you kids a chance to make your own animal noises. Then we thought, let's give a latin flavour - why not? Button, tie, snap and zip - well I'm 44 and still struggle with my coat zip! Boogie-woogie style here, folks! You can't beat it. Spot the sound fx at the end! What am I? - well, before you throw any smart answers my way, here's my chance to do some silly voices. Our kids just luurrv this song - there's some Cajun banjo lurking in the background in this song - another of my favourites. Child in your heart! This was one of the first songs to come to the whole project. Even though you might be getting on a bit, don't you just love that feeling when you catch a glimpse/feel the wonder - just like when you were younger. I get a chance to play some acoustic guitar solos on here - back to my roots again, folks, forgive me! Black Cat! Rebecca's got a great jazz voice and this song steals the show for me. I reckon it's the most musically complete song on the album - yep, and it's a real cat - just in case you're asking. Here I get to play some cool piano jazz licks in the background - more of my roots coming thru. Nighttime - you know what it's like, you've been there. You're tired, real tired, and you've just got to get the kids to sleep and you too can hit the sack. You fall asleep, they don't - no, they want to get up, get a drink, go for a walk, have some snacks, watch telly ... Musically, you hear some of the rebel in me! Teddy whispers - the real lullaby on the album - there's no better way to feel secure and ready to sleep than to know that God loves you and is watching out for you - period. All over the world - this is a really powerful song - about kids making a difference. Whenever I hear this it always sends a shiver down me. A bit of a jazz waltz towards the end - nice! I wonder - Rebecca wrote this overnight during the recording sessions - beautiful simple song up there with the best of them. Milkshake - We had great fun with the kids recording their backing vocals on this - you should have seen the dancing - awesome! You've grown up - is this the last track, or the story of my life - not! Thanks for reading this - now get your own copy of the album and enjoy!


Artist: David Ceredig-Evans
Title: Kidssongs
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 27/01/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880901000008
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