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Escape the Wind

Escape the Wind

  • By Ccharles
  • Release 12/09/2006
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Ccharles As I sit here, pondering the songs that comprise this CD, I can only think of the multitude of ways, these songs seemingly arrived. As I think of "Near A Star, that song came to me, quite some time ago. What you hear are the words and the melody as it was, the first time I played it. I don't know if I've ever experienced anything like that since. The song, "Mother Dear" is my attempt at acknowledging women and motherhood. When I think about the number of households that are comprised of a single parent, so often, a mom, I shutter at the enormity of the task. I honor you and the incredible task you perform, raising a child, and quite often several children. There is no greater calling. The sacrifice you make, day end and out, I applaud your strength, courage and tenacity and I can only imagine, all that is needed to produce a functional, caring and responsible adult. I guess I was just compelled to write that one, which incidentally was done very recently. The vast majority of these songs were sitting in notebooks, in a file cabinet in my garage. When I decided to go out and start playing publicly again, out of sheer boredom, I didn't give anyone the opportunity to hear anything, I had written. I was perfectly content playing other peoples' material. One of the people I met, was a guy named Patrick Doody, drummer extraordinaire and producer, asked me to think about recording. The more I thought about it, and after talking to a few other musicians, I decided to record something I wrote, "Thinking About You". I truly enjoyed hearing how other artists interpreted my material. I thought I was receiving favorable responses, When I had several people come back to me and say, "anyone can write one great tune", hmmm... "Was that a little of a back-handed response?" Anyway at that point, I started recording and eventually recorded about three songs, kind of at my leisure. I was introduced to some other people, that heard what I was doing and asked if I had enough material to record a CD of 11 or 12 songs. So my response was, yes and what I didn't have, I told them I would write. So each week, I tried to stopped by this small studio and record about one song each week. Eventually, I think I recorded about 16 or 17 in total . Each time I stopped there, and played each song with my acoustic guitar, I was surprised to learn, that they could not decide on which songs to use, saying that they thought every song they heard was an "A" tune. They said that they didn't feel any of the songs they heard, were throwaways. So we agreed to do them all. During this process of recording and working on this music to showcase to the world, I had one of the strangest sensations. About halfway thru the project, not even, I realized at this point the music was coming out of me, whether I wanted it to or not. It was like I lost control over whether or not this music would made available to the public. It was like, I'm going public whether you want it to or not. The music made the choice for me. I just came along for the ride. One of the things I find so interesting are the people I know, who know me as a business guy. Not as an artist, not a composer, not a singer, not a musician, just the business guy. I just find it interesting, how people are seemingly categorized, by who we think they are. For me, I just personally thirst, for that opportunity to write more, play more, create more, and touch more lives with song. Interestingly enough, the other day I stopped by a coffee shop that I occasionally frequent. One of the ladies there said she had heard thru one of her co-workers, that I had completed my music project. She asked if she could buy one, so she could listen to it on the way home from work, so of course I responded. So as it turned out, I happened to stop by the coffee shop the next day, and speak to the lady that had bought the CD the previous day. She told me that, "the last two songs on the CD, "Near A Star" & "Thinking About You" made her cry, and that it would be a while before she could listen to those two songs again. I was somewhat amazed, that what I had written had made such an impact. I guess as much in the same way, as I've been touched by other artists' music. I don't know that I've experienced that before...well...!!! My intent with my music was to cause people to think, or feel. To inspire, or to provide some since of inspiration if possible; or perhaps to instill hope, or faith, desire, or maybe even make you dance, pat your foot, bop your head to a beat or just to merely listen and relax. I hope in someway, you are touched in a way that brings you comfort or joy, or perhaps a twinkle in your eye, that will hopefully make your day a little brighter or your day a little lighter. Or perhaps, to help make that a reality for someone else, whose day may not be as bright as the one your seeing.... Peace.


Artist: Ccharles
Title: Escape the Wind
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 12/09/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479262647