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Romantic Harp

Romantic Harp

  • By Carmen Dragon
  • Release 3/09/2002
  • Music Genre Easy Listening
  • Media Format CD
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Bio: Ms. Carmen Dragon, Carmen, daughter and namesake of the late, renowned conductor and composer, is the force behind Celestial Music, a unique 'celestial' blend of musical instruments. An accomplished pianist, having played since she was 4 years old, her real love is the harp. Carmen attended the University of Southern California as a Music Performance Major, and received her AA in Liberal Arts. Ms. Dragon spent 15 years with the Glendale Symphony as first Harpist. Her extensive career continued in the orchestral arena, and she has often been honored as a featured soloist. Known for her artistry on the Grand Harp, Carmen Dragon is a dynamic musician who has performed with a variety of orchestras throughout the United States including the San Francisco Ballet and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. She also conducted her own orchestra: the West Covina Symphony, for 3 years in S. California In addition to her extensive classical background in orchestral and chamber music, Carmen has also recorded popular music with Disney studios and entertainers including Ray Charles, Neil Sedaka, Barry Manilow, Anthony Newly, Wayne Newton, and Mellisa Manchester. Part of a larger musical family, she has performed under the direction of her father Carmen, and on her brother Daryl's show: The award-winning television series 'The Captain and Tennille.' Carmen is currently residing on the Island of Kauai, directing the choir at Church of Pacific. She has performed for the Mokihana Tea, the Garden Island Singers, and is currently teaching music at Kula School, as well as managing the NSSM. (N. Shore School of Music. Despite all of her success with large orchestras, Carmen soon found her true love in small, 'celestial' ensembles. The perfect blend of flute, cello, voice, guitar, and harp, is the pursuit and realization of Carmen's dream to bring us joy, free spirit, and history. Teaching Experience: Taught Harp at University of Santa Barbara: 1977-1979 Taught Harp at Santa Monica High School: 1990-1993 Taught music K-6th grade: Carden School Malibu: 1980-1985 Taught music K-6th grade at Hanalei Elementry School, Kauai: 2001-2006 Carmen currently has 20 private students: Harp and Piano and teaches music to K-6th grade at Kula School in Kauai. Carmen's Company: Celestial Music Celestial Music is a company that offers a wide variety of music, whatever your tastes are, from baroque to jazz, featuring instruments such as the harp, voice, violins, string quartets and more... providing World Class entertainment........... Carmen's CD's: Harp 2K is intended to soothe and relax the listener and was inspired by the beautiful and enchanting island of Kauai. Harp 2K, or 'Harp to Kauai,' is an expression of the natural beauty that is often overlooked by a society in which technology and progress tend to overshadow much of what we have traditionally considered beautiful. As a classically trained harpist, Ms. Dragon attempts in this album to revive the past within a modern context through the use of real wind and stringed instruments. 'I hope that my humble contribution will impart to you a sense of the serenity, beauty, and passion of Kauai and her local people.' Christmas Classics is a collection of traditional Christmas songs arranged beautifully for the harp. Songs include, 'Deck the Halls,' 'Greensleeves,''Silent Night,' and many, many others. Classical Moods Classical Moods is a collection of pieces intended to soothe and relax the listener. There are works by the greatest composers from the 16th to the 20th centuries - music by the masters of their time performed on one of music's earliest instruments - the harp. From it's earliest reference as an instrument with 11 strings in ancient Egyptian cave drawings dating back to 11 BC, to the modern version with 47 strings and 7 pedals, the harp has always had an ethereal quality which is particularly suited to the music chosen for this project. Emotions that inspired the writing of these pieces is beautifully conveyed in Carmen's masterful interpretations. Included in this collection is the first known recording of a solo concert grand harp playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Also included is a contemporary composition - Bond of the Wave. Written by Ms. Dragon in 1986 on the island of Kauai. This piece was inspired by the beauty and majesty of the island.


Artist: Carmen Dragon
Title: Romantic Harp
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 3/09/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479406263