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Hyper Statue

Hyper Statue

  • By Carl Hupp
  • Release 27/04/2004
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Born in Baltimore, Maryland drummer Carl Hupp has created this instrumentally superb jazz/rock/fusion project. This double disc set includes approximately 3 hours of music and video. A 14 song CD and 85 minute DVD features Tony Levin from King Crimson & Peter Gabriel plus Stanley Whitaker from Happy The Man. Also 20 other studio musicians from the Balto/DC area. The Carl Hupp Project - 'Hyper Statue' is a must for all jazz/fusion fans! The CD: 1)Red Light Syndrome A spacey opening to the CD reminiscent of old Genesis or Pink Floyd. A good way to get you warmed up for the title track. Features Justin Hupp on percussion. 2)Hyper Statue Features Tony Levin from Peter Gabriel & King Crimson on Chapman Stick. Lots of sax and guitar work that blends well with the Stick. This track definitely has a King Crimson flavor to it. 3)Revenge of the Chair People Features a full horn section: Dave Fairall on sax, J.J. Gunning on trombone & Ivan Smart on trumpet plus Stanley Whitaker from Happy The Man on lead guitar. 4)Skeleton Crew A nice fusion grove that also features Stanley Whitaker on guitar and Brad Chatterton on keyboards. Ends with a great blend of bass and drums. 5)Five G Taken from Bill Bruford's 'One of a Kind' album from 1978. Sounds very close to the original version. Features Ben Sherman on guitar. 6)Riff Raff This song has a Dixie Dregs feel to it. Features Stanley Whitaker on guitar, Kurt Froberg on keyboards and Paul Soroka on lyricon & sax. 7) Seven For Seven Centered around a driving keyboard part in 7/8 time. Features Dave Fairall on saxes, Clyde Johnson on percussion and Dave Capozzoli on bass. 8)The Better Angels of our Nature Carl pulls out his brushes for this one. The only ballad on the CD. Reminiscent of old Jeff Beck. Features Chuck DeFontes on piano, Stanley Whitaker on guitar and Angelo Cammarata on acoustic bass. 9)Paper or Plastic? Blues/Fusion is the only way to describe this one with trumpet, harmonica, and guitar solos over a very tight rhythm section. Features Ivan Smart on trumpet, Spike Settles on harmonica and Jeff Avery on guitar. 10)Air-Ride Suspensions A nice grove with a fusion feel, reminiscent of old Level 42. Features a great guitar solo from Dave Bell over a tasty keyboard melody by Brad Chatterton. 11)Black Tie Affair Based around a fretless bass grove by Angelo Cammarata. This song builds up to an explosive drum & percussion climax. Also features Ron Zebron on lead guitar, John Thomakos on timbales and Justin Hupp on percussion. 12)Quadrant 4 Taken from Billy Cobham's 'Spectrum' album from 1972. Features Charles Wright on lead guitar and Mike Pryor on bass. 13)Mind Sweeper Part II Based around a grove on an African slit drum, this piece travels into the outer limits. Soprano sax and trumpet fills balanced with a constant batterie of percussion. 14)Tagged & Enveloped A straight-ahead jazz piece to finish out the CD. Features many tasty drum solos by Carl as he moves around this walking bass line and sax melody. The DVD: (Region 1 NTSC) 1)'Skeleton Crew' music video: Features Carl on drums, Stanley Whitaker on guitar, Dave Fairall on sax, Angelo Cammarata on fretless bass and Brad Chatterton on keyboards. 2)Photo Gallery: Features over 150 pictures taken from the studio sessions from the recording of 'Hyper Statue'. 3)Interview with Carl: Carl talks about his influences, how the CD came about and the 22 musicians that made it happen. 4)Studio Out-Takes: Features studio footage of each musician featured on this recording. Some are the actual takes that were used on the CD.


Artist: Carl Hupp
Title: Hyper Statue
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 27/04/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829757736525