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Of Love & Leisure

Of Love & Leisure

  • By Cambiata
  • Release 24/10/2006
  • Media Format CD
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About Cambiata Pennsylvania 's Lehigh Valley has great artistic and creative diversity. Some 30 years ago, a talented young music professor named Larry Lipkis added to the cultural wealth of the region when he joined the music department faculty at Moravian College in Bethlehem, where he continues to teach. Larry is also a well-known composer and a member of the internationally acclaimed Baltimore Consort. In 1976, he formed an early music ensemble of students and local musicians: Moravian College Collegium Musicum. The group included such instruments as recorders, krumhorns, viola da gamba, and sackbutts. Through this group, Larry fed a growing appreciation for early music in the Lehigh Valley, an interest that nurtured the growth of Cambiata. About the members of Cambiata SARA COX has a B.A. in music performance from Moravian College, where she majored in the recorder. She has performed with the Bethlehem Bach Choir and Touchstone Theatre and has been a member of the Moravian College Collegium Musicum since 1977. She is Associate Managing Editor of books at Rodale and lives in Bethlehem, PA, with her husband, daughter, and two cats. Sara joined Cambiata in 1993. She plays recorders, krumhorns, gemshorns, tenor viola da gamba, and percussion and sings. RUTH MALETZ is a graduate of Westminster Choir College. She has performed at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and with Touchstone Theatre. She studied and played recorder and harpsichord with The Age of Gold, an early music group based in Stratford-upon-Avon in England in the 1970s, and is a founding member of Cambiata. She teaches piano and performs as accompanist and chamber player. She is on the faculty of Community Music School in Allentown as piano teacher and choral accompanist and coach. She is a mother of three and lives in Bethlehem, PA, with her husband. Ruth plays recorders, krumhorns, gemshorns, treble viola da gamba, harpshichord, and percussion and sings. BILL THATCHER was first introduced to medieval and Renaissance music at St. Lawrence University, where he learned to play a variety of early instruments while earning a music degree in the late '70's. Since then, he has strolled the streets of Renaissance fairs in New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia, and has appeared at Touchstone Theatre and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. Bill has been a member of Cambiata since 1993. He plays lute, vielle, fiddle, rauschfife, recorders, krumhorns, gemshorns, and percussion and sings. ILSE STOLL ZINNES is a founding member of Cambiata and has played with the Moravian College Collegium Musicum since 1976. She has also performed at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and with Touchstone Theatre. Born and raised in Germany, Ilse is a chemist, mother of three, and grandmother of three. She lives with her husband in Bethlehem, PA. Ilse plays recorders, krumhorns, gemshorns, and bass viola da gamba.


Title: Of Love & Leisure
Release Date: 24/10/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 643157371199
Item #: SRD737119