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Brother Bodene

Brother Bodene

  • By Brother Bodene
  • Release 12/04/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Brother Bodene Bio The Dearmon brothers, David and Jeff, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, playing music from a very early age. Their father, a country musician, made it a requirement for the brothers to play - any of their friends who were around, which included Calvin Scott, had no choice but to play as well. David and Calvin at the age of 15, and Jeff at the age of 10, began their first rock band with another childhood friend. They knew they had found 'their calling'; writing and playing their own material from the very beginning. David was, and still is, the writer - Jeff, the best musician. Jeff's ability with bass, acoustic and six-string electric guitar was unmatched. They played living rooms and parties for whoever would listen. In their teens, Calvin moved away to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. David, always writing, would slow down to raise a family. Jeff would keep on playing, at the age of 21 a paralyzing motorcycle accident left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The saving grace for Jeff was his ability to continue playing music and form his own successful act ('Bodene and The Boys')which he considered 'a gift from God'. The guys lived apart for many years but never grew apart. Then in the summer of 2003 a phone call to Calvin in L.A. from guitarist David would change everything. 'I've been writing and working with a new band. Come home - let's perform again'. So, the show began. Soon, Jeff was back with the band and the boys were together again. So was the 'magic'. In March of 2004 they began their CD. They finished the project in early May. On June 28th, after many years of struggle, Jeffery 'Bodene' Dearmon passed away. The band would become 'Brother Bodene'. His brother David, Calvin, old friend guitarist Scott Mittler, bassist Ed Tinnin, and former drummer for 'Bodene And The Boy's', Kyle House, would try their best to look to the future and keep Jeff's work alive. They performed more shows in Nashville and went to Los Angeles to play local clubs, including a very successful show at the world famous Whisky-A-go-go on the Sunset Strip. If merchandise sales were any indication, they created a quick fan base. 'We feel like we made our lost brother, friend, and band mate proud. 'After all the work he put into this to get the band this far 'Bodene' sure wouldn't want us to give up now. We will continue on with new merchandise, CDs and shows' 'With love for playing music together, determination, a lifetime of experience, and, of course, help from above, 'Brother Bodene' will live on.'


Artist: Brother Bodene
Title: Brother Bodene
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/04/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 806751011728