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When I Bleed

When I Bleed

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When I Bleed, Brian Fitzpatrick's second release for his self-owned Mandala Label, finds the 26 year old singer/songwriter moving in a more introspective, personal direction both lyrically and musically. 'I think of this album as a kind of confession' he states, 'I suppose it may sound a bit cliche', but I think there was a lot of discovery with this album.' Although intensely personal, far from alienating the listener the 11 song album draws them in calling upon common human quests and the mistakes and misgivings associated with those quests. Brian takes on his subject matter with an honest, passionate, and often times surprisingly witty approach. 'The title track both starts and ends the record' he states. 'Kind of like bookends, it holds the rest of the album together.' Aside from the 2 versions of the title track, the album's standout tracks include the country-rocker Caroline, the ode to loneliness Wide Awake and Dreaming as well as the Spiritual ramblings of I Believe. 'I invited Bo (From Subcommittee) to sing on that one (I Believe)' Brian says. 'It seems like it was written for him.' Brian's debut album Other Side was released in 1997 to rave local reviews. After spending close to a year playing out at, as he puts it, 'any place that would have me', Brian entered the studio in the fall of 1999 with a brand new batch of tunes, a new band, and a new approach. 'I think this album is a bit more modern and polished sounding' he says, 'the songs and arrangements are more thought out' he pauses, '...I feel this one more.' Providing the musical backdrop and arrangements for the album is a rock solid band consisting of longtime friend and co-writer Ed Fritz (Piano, Organ, Accordion), Billy Bergman (Bass Guitar), and Matt Arthur (Drums). Also making appearances on the album are musicians and friends Carl Vasi (Harmonica), Bo Bailey (Guest Vocals), Claudia Chopek (Violin), John Albanese (Percussion). Having paid his dues early on in his musical career touring throughout Europe and The States with several hardcore bands, Brian decided to bring it back to where he started in 1997, giving up the hardcore sound to write and record a more down home acoustic music with a definitive lyrical edge. 'I'm just interested in writing and recording as much music as I can' he states, 'That's what's important to me...writing.' As for the future, Brian and band will be playing throughout the tri-state area in support of When I Bleed. Currently He's preparing for the next record as well. 'I keep on writing so I keep on recording, There's not a lot of money but that's O.K.' he laughs, 'I'll just keep going regardless' he pauses, 'That's what it's all about anyway, isn't it? The persistence in the face of adversity' he smiles 'I like that.'


Artist: Brian Fitzpatrick
Title: When I Bleed
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29/04/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 764942000121