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End Civil Twilight

End Civil Twilight

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People have referred to this, the eleventh Bossa Nova Beatniks' release, as a 'greatest hits' collection. However, when we found ourselves leaving songs like Jack Jack, Ack Ack, 20th Century LTD, Heart to Beat and others off the CD, we realized that it was more of a 'best of the recordings' collection. Allow us to present; recordings that have taken us places. A song that turned an entire high school class on it's ear and also inspired the theme for a float in the local Homecoming Parade, "Red Red Johnny" has for many people become a song that has been a part of the soundtrack of particular times in their lives. "Zantee Misfits" was used by United Airlines in their eclectic mix for in flight radio on transatlantic flights. "The American Dream" is our first Bossa beat song and was premiered on the airwaves by Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame DJ Megless Griffin on Sirius Satellite Radio. "Sun Go Down Dub" went up several Dub charts. "New York Town" was played a few times on Vin Scelsa's Idiots' Delight. People would sing it at us. A lot of people tell us that "Fingers in the Cake" is their favorite song. The Sundance Rabbi approached us to do a film of "No Better Thing." "Behave Yourself" is the song that hooked Bleecker Bob and opened doors to many fantastic places like a European distribution deal and a Beatle connection. "Anyroad" was our stage show closer for a long time and we felt the recording captures the spontaneity of a live performance. "Always Be With Me" was on a demo tape that led to an offer to open a show for Stevie Ray Vaughn at Toad's Place in New Haven. "Cool Babies (Justin's Samba)" popped up on Sirius DisOrder 24 for close to two years. "Deanne (Where did you go?)" is a song inspired by a real person who heard us play the song shortly before she passed. "Lighten Up" gets used to open and close radio shows, years after the release of the Danger Bongo Crossing CD. Bobby Troup, who wrote "Route 66," wrote to say he liked our recording. "Fear of Love" inspired the observation that "the group creates clever, rhythmically infectious music that defies ready categorization". Our most pirated recording has got to be "Papa La Ska," which has topped many MP3 charts. Arrggh. We hope you enjoy the collection that after mastering the recordings, Engineer, John Tabacco, said, "So, this is pretty much a dance CD?" Tom Gould George Vahamonde Tim Stapleton Michael Bifulco.


Artist: Bossa Nova Beatniks
Title: End Civil Twilight
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/01/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 605384102182