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Chantdance-Sonic Bliss

Chantdance-Sonic Bliss

  • By Bliss Wood
  • Release 23/12/2008
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Bliss Wood, M.Msc., the founder of "ChantDance(™)", is a musician, author and kirtan recording artist from Nashville, Tennessee. A dedicated yogini for over 20 years, she is a certified yoga instructor and is a licensed massage therapist, especially focused in energy work. Bliss is a Reiki Master and has a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science. She travels across the country teaching, singing, and playing and enjoys when others join her in the fun! In addition, Bliss holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theatre Performance. During her time in Tennessee, she has written numerous songs for independent artists and has contributed her voice to various musical projects in the Nashville and Los Angeles areas. She has also penned the book "Empowering Your Life with Yoga", published by Penguin/Alpha, and produced the acclaimed yoga instructional CD, "Yoga for Deep Relaxation". "ChantDance - Sonic Bliss", her latest musical release, offers a fresh mix of "East meets West" with it's rich vocals, World Beat grooves and kirtan style lyrics. Affectionately known as "A Living, Breathing, Musical Experience", ChantDance is the new dimension of music, dance, and devotion. Bliss' holistic approach to life through mind/body/spirit awareness, coupled with her diverse artistic background in music and fine arts, brings a uniquely personal experience to those who participate in her performances, classes and workshops. Bliss blends a unique mix of art and science to create joyful wellness on all levels. Certified in Ananda Yoga and trained in Svaroopa Yoga, she has extensive knowledge of the physical as well as the energetic body, and how yoga affects performance, healing, and the relaxation response. She teaches a deep meditative style in her workshops and seminars across the United States. Balance, in mind, body and spirit are essential to Bliss' personal life and practice. She feels called to, and at the same time, grateful for the opportunity to share the uplifting and sacred music of kirtan and the healing arts with all who are interested in creating a better life for themselves. ChantDance was created with a blend of traditional and original sacred phrases (mantras) and sounds and is based on the techniques of yoga, dance, and kirtan (chanting). It is designed to integrate the voice and body in order to uncover hidden emotions, past traumas, and/or buried thoughts and ideas that have gotten trapped in the body. By integrating sound (voice) with movement (yoga and dance), ChantDance helps to unlock blockages with mental, emotional and physical issues. On an even deeper level, it can affect one's devotional sense toward self, others and their perceived "higher consciousness". ChantDance is key in integrating healing and happiness throughout our entire being.


Artist: Bliss Wood
Title: Chantdance-Sonic Bliss
Genre: International
Release Date: 23/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 687405000226