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If I Were a Fish (And Other Ocean Songs for Kids)

If I Were a Fish (And Other Ocean Songs for Kids)

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From the memorable chorus of 'Oxford the Octopus' to the energetic tribute to the world's largest animal in 'So Big! Blue Whale!', IF I WERE A FISH is a must-have teaching tool for parents, educators and environmentalists everywhere. Here's what people are saying: 'My boys absolutely LOVE, LOVE your CD!!! They play it almost every day, and know all the words. Thank you so much for creating such a fun, educational, and harmonious piece of work!' - Angela Williams Melting Pot Moms 'My kids absolutely love this CD. We cannot leave house without making sure it's in the car. The songs are totally addictive...I actually find myself quietly singing them at work!' - Boris Piskun (father) 'These songs are great for kids! They offer something for every learning modality. My students listened intently to the words and spontaneously moved to the music. Everyone was engaged. Birdsong seemed to touch their hearts and stimulate their minds.' - Barbara Hoag, elementary school educator 'These songs are a creative and effective way to teach children about our valuable and often vulnerable marine life as well as to encourage them to be stewards of the ocean.' - Winter Bonnin, State Park Interpreter I, Crystal Cove State Park 'Thanks again for making such a beautiful album! It strikes a beautiful balance between sound science, conservation, and wonderment. We look forward to seeing you perform again soon.' - with love, Sarah Roby (mother) 'Buy It! : What I really liked about Birdsong, is that all the songs are fun, easy to sing to, and it teaches them how wondrous the world is! From her site, you'll find cool stuff for kids, even more info about animals above the sea! Plus, her songs are being used as teaching tools in the state and county parks in southern California, as well as in classrooms throughout the U.S.' -Parent Reviewers 'I have always been inspired by those individuals who channel their talents and skills into making their passions and dreams a reality--people who utilize their talents to fulfill their ideals and to inspire others. Cheryl Procaccini a.k.a. Birdsong is one of those inspiring individuals who turned her love of music, environment, and children into a songwriting and recording career which helps instill in children the wonderment of nature, ecology and the ideal of earth stewardship!' -NorthernMama Blog 'At turns bouncy and silly, and relaxing and calming, this CD is a great balance between entertainment and education . . . Children, parents, and teachers will have a great time on this wonderful musical journey into the sea.' -Awareness Magazine 'There is something very fishy about this album and it's fishy in a fun, musical and edutaining way - a valuable asset for the teacher's tool box.' - John Wood, 'I wanted to write to you for some time now as I have come across your videos and I love them so much. I live in Egypt on the Red Sea and run a number of projects here mostly around the youth and the environment. Have done a number of workshops on educating the youth on turtles, dolphins, and the dangers to both our land and sea...We always end a lecture with playing either the turtle or dolphin song and, of course, sing and dance along with it.The fun we have is awesome - so thank you for creating these wonderful and educational videos...your creative energy brings so much joy !!!' - Suzanna Valle Sobhi (KQB Keep Quseir Beautiful )


Artist: Birdsong & the Eco-Wonders
Title: If I Were a Fish (And Other Ocean Songs for Kids)
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 18/10/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261202778