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Soe Presents 1

Soe Presents 1

  • By Bigg-Note
  • Release 11/07/2006
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Bigg-Note Bigg-Note Resides in Richmond, California. Bigg-Note is a musical junkie and likes to write hip-hop and R&B songs. He is said to be one of the bay areas best-unsigned rappers, his lyrical content is far closer to a 2pac or a biggie smalls. Bigg-Note has collaborated with Bigg-Reese on their 2005 release Legal Prostitution. Bigg-Note has finished his first solo E.P for Stressed Out Ent. SOE Presents Vol. 1 set to be release independently in the summer 2006. Watch out for more new releases from SOE and Bigg-Note. From: The 916-Magazine Bigg-Note took a trip to the 916-radio station KNOZ-LP 96.5 FM for this interview. 'We're just tryin' to get this moving, this good music we're gettin' out, you know, me and Rod-Slick we just tryin to put it down with this exposure.' Stressed Out Entertainment has been in existence for three years. C.E.O. Rodney 'Rod-Slick' Williams was working with another Bay Area entertainment company, when he and his business associate 'Bigg-Note' decided to pool their resources, leave their perspective compaies and form Stressed Out Entertainment. ' I've been doin' this thing for about 20 years, and right now me and Bigg Note, we've been collaberating for a good eight years. So, you know, we just put this good chemistry's gonna be hot for the people.' S.O.E. Studio veteran 'Bigg-Note' is also the label's flagship's artist. 'I started like in the 80's, you know, but like I say I just ran into Slick, you know...he put me on a serious path. And since the 8 or 9 years since we been together, I'm gonna just count that as serious. I'll just start from there, with about 8 or 9 years in the game.' Independant Eurpoean distribution brough the label to the attention of D.J.'s, producers and clubowners in the orient. 'He was takin the music to Europe so I gave him some music to take off to Europe, and they got distributed at a convention. I got a call from Japan, you know, 'Can we get some more of your music?' I sent the guy, a cat named D.J Shu from Shine Out Records in Japan, I sent him a couple units. He Liked what he heard, and he wanted a few units. They put it in the clubs, and the rest is history. Right now, we're just workin' on Step By Step. Bubble Butt is the hottest tune in Japan, well, the hottest tune in their area, so we're tryin' to bring it back full circle and bring it where it really needs to be at.' S.O.E. has fleshed out their produciton and marketing team with Freddy 'Peek A Boo' White. '...we sat down, me, him, and Bigg Note, and we collaborated. We thought about what could we make knock? And Bubble Butt transpired with the vocoder voicebox...You know what I'm sayin? With the BOOM BOOM beat? It's knockin, nice club tune for the ladies. You know, it's a dance tune, so I think it's gonna be a real hot tune, once the people hear it.' Although currently looking over offers from Asian based record labels, Rod-Slick feels that there is not incentive at this point in getting signed to a major label. '...independent allows you to do what you want to do. It's a little more leg work, but that's the whole thing about doin' it independent, to get more of a self-satisfaction when you get out there and put the grind in yourself. There's nothin' wrong with goin' major, that'd be a good thing too, but right now we're just gonna try to keep it independent, and we're gonna take it to the streets ourselves to see what it does.' Artical from the 916-Magazine


Artist: Bigg-Note
Title: Soe Presents 1
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 11/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 666449463020