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Our Sunday Shoes

Our Sunday Shoes

  • By Aka Gesnick
  • Release 27/01/2009
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Michael Moore (Aka Gesnick) is a Christian artist / songwriter / worship leader located in Houston, Texas. Michael leads worship at Terrace, a church in the Spring Branch area of Houston and at the Cowboy Church in the Pearland, Texas. Michael takes an active role in the outreach ministries of Terrace. Many of the songs are inspired by events and people within these faith communities. Some of my earliest memories involve my desire to play the guitar. It seems I have had a guitar (a toy one at first) in my hands from the age of four. It took six years of asking (begging) before my parents allowed me to take guitar lessons. At the age of ten, the guitar teacher attempted to encourage me to wait and allow my fingers and manual dexterity to develop before taking guitar lessons. He reluctantly took me as a student on a trial basis. The joy of music and my desire to play guitar has never diminished. I am so grateful that God has given this talent to me. I continue to practice guitar to glorify His name and justify His faith in me. Aka Gesnick by Michael Moore Growing up with the birth name of Michael Moore, I became increasingly aware of how common my name really was. It seemed that everyone I met knew of a Mike Moore from a different part of the city. I was constantly asked if I was this Mike Moore or that Mike Moore; or if I was related to Mike Moore, the filmmaker. I once checked the city phone book to discover that there were more Moore's than any other surname in the directory; and within the Moore's, Michael was the most common first name. It's incredible to me that I share the most common name of the most common name. Early in my music career I was invited to be sixth member of a musical group of which four were named Mike. Each Mike took on his own nickname. I combined two phonetic syllables, 'Ges' and 'Nick', to create an uncommon name for myself. Although I am no longer performing with this group, the memories were made; the music was created; and the nickname remains with me. I believe that God is alive and always seeking to be in a relationship with all people. I believe music helps us to voice our worship to God. Hopefully, the songs of this CD will inspire, renew or rebuild your relationship with God and His people. Surround yourself with persons who add more light than heat. I am constantly amazed and blessed by the people God has chosen to place in my path. I will be forever grateful to all the wonderful people who have generously shared their gifts and talents to make this CD possible. Our Sunday Shoes The initial seeds for this CD project began during the Sunday morning pre-service warm-ups. After the service music was reviewed and while the music director was in the choir room rehearsing the praise chorus, the musician's of the rhythm section would create music. Someone would start playing and everyone else would join in. We enjoyed a fellowship of music and each other's creativity. The drummer of the rhythm section, Mike Lefebvre, hurt his back. It was my intention to take the rhythm section to a recording studio and capture the creativity of the rhythm section once Mike's back had healed. Unfortunately, Mike's back was a symptom of a greater problem, cancer. With Mike's passing I mourned the loss of a friend and the CD project. Mike was very talented musician and a key member of the rhythm section. The CD project was put on hold and would have been abandoned if not for a chance meeting with Brantley Smith. Our paths crossed when the secular band I was performing with was scheduled to play a wedding reception and the drummer for the band was unavailable. Brantley Smith was asked to fill in. I immediately felt a musical connection with the way Brantley played drums. I invited Brantley to participate in the CD project and he accepted. At our first rehearsal for the project, John and I started jamming and Brantley just joined in. It felt like a pre-service warm-up. ~~~~~ END ~~~~~ Best regards, Michael Moore, Aka Gesnick.


Artist: Aka Gesnick
Title: Our Sunday Shoes
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 27/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501098410