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Custom Made

Custom Made

  • By Aceman
  • Release 11/07/2006
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

In the music industry, a record producer (or music producer) has many roles, among them recording, mixing and mastering processes. This has been a major function of the producer since the inception of sound recording, but in the latter half of the 20th century producers also took on a wider entrepreneurial role. These activities comprise music production. Aceman ... ready, let's go! Listen closely, to a sound that will be talked about for years to come Take notice, of a brand new movement about to sweep through your area Watch intently, as a brand new face Becomes known for his vision And hated for his voice The Game's about to change y'all 'ACE is in the building', (Puttin' In Work) With new soldiers that will give you what you've been looking for. From to the ACE to the King to the Queen. The material y'all about to hear is Custom Made to delight your ear & please all your senses from head to toe. Notorious ENT. is on your stereo. Bob your head, shake that ass, appreciate the skillz............. NOTORIOUS ENTERTAINMENT ALL OVER: PUTTIN' IN WORK Born in the Brick & raised in the Bridge, then relocated to the streets of Illadelphia, AceMan has kept his fingers on the pulse of the Hip-Hop culture. At the age of 9 AceMan fell in love with music as he began to master the art of DJing. Known first as the Notorious DJ Ace, he has been billed on the streets as one of the best to spin the wheels of steel. While jumping from group to group, he decided to learn the behind the scenes tricks in production & engineering. Influenced by the likes of JMJ, Marley Marl, Quincy Jones, Jazzy Jeff, Dr. Dre, & Stanley Clark, all having their distinct music styles, flavors, and textures; he found himself to be a fan of all kinds of music forms old school to new. All have in some way helped to structure his sound today. He then began interning at RuffHouse/ Studio 4 under the guiding hand of Joe 'The Butcher' Nicolo. While in the Studio he has come across many of today's artists, know and unknown. Recently, AceMan has been working on his debut album with some of the underground's finest artists. The album, entitled 'Custom Made', is 19 shots to the dome produced by AceMan himself. Teamed up with 20 phenomenal artists under his direction and guidance, all tracks are made with years of experience in production and engineering. This album is laced with 100% originality. Rap has taken a turn from true hip-hop over the years. After months of puttin'in hard work in the studio, Aceman is ready to show the fans what Hip-Hop has been missing. Custom Made is a combination of old & new Hip-Hop ruff, rugged & raw, with a touch of smooth lyrical versatility. This album is full of energy and shows skillz at it's' finest. Custom Made is just an intro to the movement you are about to experience. From the soulful R&B vibes of 'Really Wanna Be With You' | 'Could Lie & Say' | 'Changing Faces' to the raw street edge of 'Gangsta-Gangsta' | 'Hands up High' | 'Who What', the album has something for everyone. The ultimate baller vibe of 'What I'm Gonna Get' will be the new anthem of every young playa about to make a name for himself. 'How We Move in the Club' | 'I Will Not Stop' have hit written all over them. Custom Made is not to be limited by genre. This album is across the board from hardcore to meaningful & sad songs. Other highlights include the party rockin 'Favor for a Favor' | 'Shake' em Up' | 'Kiss the Game Goodbye' and the hard hitting underground call to arms 'Get Down' will have all the street soldierz bobbin' their heads. 'Gonna Love Me' comprises the overall thought of Aceman & the album itself, one listen and you will understand.


Artist: Aceman
Title: Custom Made
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 11/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101201780