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June Flanagan - Edible Prairie Plants for Prairie Gardens

Edible Prairie Plants for Prairie Gardens: The Best Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs


June Flanagan

Book Genre
Home & Garden


Written especially for gardeners in the Canadian Prairie Provinces and the Northern Great Plains of the United States, this book shows you how to grow fabulous fruits, vegetables and herbs. Discover how to design a growing space of any size, from planning your first vegetable patch or collection of potted herbs, to creating an urban landscape for all seasons entirely with edibles. More than one hundred edible plants are featured, including heirloom vegetables and new fruits bred especially for the prairies, illustrated with full-colour photographs. You will find detailed instructions on when, where and how to plant and care for each crop, as well as tips for harvesting, serving and preserving your homegrown produce. New and experienced gardeners will find plenty of solid information about the best plant varieties and environmentally sound gardening practices to be successful in a challenging climate and short growing season. Edible Plants for Prairie Gardens is packed with practical information about: Germinating vegetable and herb seeds indoors Choosing, planning and preparing a garden site When, where and how to plant outdoors Transplanting Garden care from planting to picking Proven strategies for avoiding and solving potential problems. Growing perennial edibles such as herbs, asparagus, rhubarb Prairie-hardy fruit trees and shrubs Pruning and pollination When and how to harvest each crop Saving seeds from heirloom plants Extensive source list of mail-order seed and plant suppliers in Canada and the United States

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  • Canada
  • United States
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June Flanagan
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General Adult
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146 x 222 x 19 mm
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Ingram Pub Services (Publisher)
Midpoint Trade Books Inc (Publisher)